Done yet?

Back when I took up acrylic painting, which was the week before last, I discovered something that really makes me mad: I cannot finish a painting.  I am still working on my first piece and find it absolutely impossible to stop adding paint to the canvas.  Every day I think I’m done… then I notice a light and depth opportunity missed and have to touch up what eventually turns out to be the whole damn thing.  Just a little bit more, there… ahhhhhnd…

No, I’m not done yet.

As an actor and director I’ve pondered the fleeting nature of my art, but it never occurred to me that I’d be incapable of producing something permanent (as permanent as the acrylic soaked canvas I bought at Hobby Lobby can be anyway).  I can write and post this without a problem, but I swear to God and Martin Luther, I will never stop with this painting.  I’ll wiping smudges of “just a little touch of blue that was missing” off the frame 10 years from now.

I’d tell you about the painting, but I can’t… ’cause it’s not done yet.

Well, my comparison to this blog isn’t apt, because this isn’t art (well, forgive me, but I don’t think it is).  Apparently, I believe that Art is what has to continue to develop until is disappears by way of closing night.  And the night is not really going to close on my painting.

Perhaps I should look into making those sand design things on the floor that get swept up with the trash at the end of the day.

Nah, I’d never stop adding grains of sand long enough for anyone to look at it.  They’d be pushing me out of the way and I’d be like “no, please, just be patient… if I add these three grains of azure, that cloud will appear to drift into the distance.”

Then I’d be like “back the fuck off, bitch.  I’m not done yet!”  Then I’d get mauled by the crowd and would fall into the middle of my very own sand art thingy, ruining it with the closing night of my ass cheeks hitting the cloud that would have drifted into the distance and whatever the hell else was there.

I’ll stick with painting.  I actually like it.  I find it relaxing to know that…

(wait for it)

I’m not done yet.