About that retreat…

First of all, I don’t think K and I had any idea what we were getting into when we planned that retreat.  Second, let’s face it, my accident-related mobility issues definitely put a cramp in several aspects of our plans: exercise – out; cooking – short periods of time only; sleeping – only for a few hours at a time; focus – not at my best.

HOWEVER, all that aside, we did do some amazing work.  When was the last time you set aside a couple of days just to spend time talking and thinking about what you want and how you might get it?  I’ve written goals and plans before, but never with this amount of intensity.  It was, well, intense!

K had never done goal work before – at least not formal, written work.  She definitely had some resistance to it.  There’s a lot of introspection that naturally goes on with this stuff and I dare say, most people have to admit they have not succeeded in getting much of what they’ve dreamed of having.  It can feel very defeating to realize much of what you’ve wanted hasn’t made it past the dream stage… fuzzy dreams.

We did realize the import of what we were doing and  came out with plans.  We also came out with a stirred pot.  Ever since that stirring retreat, both of us have been experiencing some upsets in our lives.  When you stir, stuff comes to the surface…

Sometimes, you don’t really like seeing that stuff come up, but alas, there it is and now you must deal with it.

As a dear friend has told me many times – much to my dismay EVERY time – when you ask for something, you get the opportunity to receive it.  If you ask to be successful, failure will present itself, so that you have the opportunity to overcome it.  If you want to be brave, something that scares the shit out of you will pop up behind you in your bathroom mirror reflection.

Also, to balance all that opposite crap popping up in the way, some of the things you don’t need will fall away.  Sometimes we don’t need those things, but we find comfort in their familiarity.  Alas, great success is rarely achieved by remaining comfortable, it would seem.

Sorry about the complete lack of personal example here, but it’s… personal!  Let’s just say the greatest gift and curse that remains with me ever since our retreat, is the reminder that my every moment is constructed of my choices.  I am calling the shots.

And I’m about to call some new ones…