Hope in the Ruins

He had a bad night’s sleep after the argument

Barely made it to the train on time

He only saw bad news in the headlines

And nearly tripped over a little boy on his way

He barked “watch out!”


He was nearly stepped on by a man on the train platform

Didn’t want to face his teacher

He was afraid he couldn’t pass the test today

He didn’t say hello to the new kid in school

Instead, he pretended not to see him


His new buddy didn’t even acknowledge him

So lonely in the new town

He hated new and missed old

He didn’t want to do this again

And cried when the teacher introduced him


Her heart broke for yet another troubled child

How could she reach this one

She felt so ineffective and ill-equipped

Should she quit before it got worse?

She couldn’t feign cheer for her perky teacher’s assistant


It was hard for her to work with someone so sad

This is what she wanted to escape

Her mother became more difficult each day

She felt such shame for resenting her disease

When the coach flirted with her at lunch, she looked down


He knew she was out of his league

But she was the most beautiful girl in the world

She was always smiling so sweetly

Until he flirted moronically just now

When the mechanic gave him his bill, his wound turned to anger


He wanted to be a lawyer

Days like this reminded him of that

He wished people understood that cars are not simple

But they don’t want to hear that

He didn’t want to burden his wife with his angst


She was so frustrated with his silence

Why wasn’t she good enough to confide in?

Would he ever trust her and did she make a mistake?

Browsing FaceBook, she sees yet another post that irritates her

She replies and goes to bed.


She read the curt post and was surprised

Her friend was so gentle

But married life had not agreed with her

She wrote a kind note and signed it with love

And slept peacefully


Perfectly Dysfunctional You

When I wasn’t sure you wanted to hear me, I questioned my value

I drifted off into an abyss of possibly and maybe

But probably not

I did not really know what it felt like to be heard


I don’t blame you for this, though I do recognize it is your fault

(That’s a strange twist of thought we unheard share)

You wouldn’t understand,

Please tell me you didn’t know and do it anyway


When I think of you, I hope to eventually remember only sun and snow

For now, I am still at a loss for joy

No words form in my mind

To describe my relationship with perfectly dysfunctional you


I Grew Up in Church

I grew up in Church

With a God who loved me conditionally


For God so loved the word that

If you think or say or do or are the wrong thing

You must suffer eternal damnation


I grew up in Church

With a mom who loved me conditionally


For mom so loved her daughter she told her to

Sing in the choir and be there for Sunday School, Advent, Easter, and Lent

Or you’re not a good girl


I grew up in Church

With a dad who loved me unconditionally


For Dad so loved his daughter that

If she behaved incorrectly

He was ashamed and walked away


I grew up in Church

Where I loved me conditionally


For I couldn’t love what I learned in that Church

So I couldn’t be loved

Not even by me