We have a retreat planned.  My friend and I won’t just go on vacation… we’re retreating.

I could bite my tongue off for saying this, but I’ve actually had a lot of vacation thus far this year and I still felt like I need to get away.  The problem is that I want to get away AND accomplish something.  I want to accomplish the sort of personal work and planning that can only really be delved into when one is extracted from day-to-day happenings.

So… I contacted my partner in crime, Kathleen, and suggested that we retreat together.

Kathleen and I have taken many trips together over the years, but never with a goal other than to camp, hike, talk and drink to excess.  This time, I have some grand goals in mind for us.  I told K I wanted to combine healthy, spa cuisine with plenty of fresh air and exercise to fuel our bodies and minds.  The third leg of this spa tripod is work on personal goal discovery and action plan design.

Go big or go home, eh?

Here’s the plan:

Location – on my birthday (next Wednesday), we’ll drive about 3 hours to K’s husband’s hunting home – the family farm.  It’s a modest, rustic home in the quiet and beautiful Turkey Run portion of Indiana.  We’ll be near two state parks and a lovely river in early fall.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get lots of fresh air and see some gorgeous scenery.

Exercise – as I’m a bit of an invalid at the moment (recently acquired one sprained ankle, one broken one), this part of the plan is sketchy.  I’m hoping to be much more mobile by the time we go… would love to take our bikes.  At the very least, I’ll be able to hobble around outside a little and do floor exercises.

Cuisine – we’ll purchase healthy ingredients and K will bring goodies from her husband’s organic garden.  I’ll prepare spa cuisine for us (my specialty).  We’ll have three days of a mostly plant-based diet, complete with lots of taste, color, texture and variety.

Goal Discovery and Action Plan Development – this gets a little more complicated.  I’m trying to find a good form to use to help us navigate through this.  First on the agenda is to do some writing individually.  Each of us will outline our perfect day, from waking to bedtime.  We’ll share those, then brainstorm on discovering what we really want, then what can be done to get there.  We’ll translate all of that into action plans with clear objectives and action steps.  This work should span the entire three days (coming back home on Saturday).

The idea of all of this is to put ourselves into a situation in which our minds and bodies are well nourished with fresh air, great food, exercise and friendship… and a little wine… so that we can achieve maximum enlightenment and clarity.

Addendum: there are a few books we’ve both read that will help us.  The Celestine Prophesy, Loving What Is and A New Earth.  I am also bringing the DVD, What the Bleep do We Know and a CD of Candace Pert’s Psychosomatic Wellness.  I read her book, Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d and was fascinated by this scientist’s explanation of magnetic resonance and the ability of certain tones to vibrate within our bodies in a balancing way.  I’m not expecting miracles, but am anxious to hear that CD in combination with the rest of the work we’re doing next week.

So… cheers to our retreat.  Will keep you posted!

(the family farm, which we’re calling a sanatorium for the retreat, has no internet service and isn’t likely to have the best cell service.  Going off the grid should also serve our purposes well!)