Master Cleanse Addendum

On day four of the cleanse I noticed that I felt very puffy and stiff.  I was getting ready for a vacation and, while packing, I tried on some clothes and noticed something horrible – my clothes were TIGHTER.  That’s when I decided to weigh myself, and discovered that I had gained 3 pounds.  After 4 days of only ingesting the MC lemonade, one cup of mint tea and a daily saltwater flush, I gained 3 pounds and felt awful.

Obviously, the saltwater was staying in my system.  I did the saltwater flush on day 5 and that was it.  I ended the cleanse.  I also promptly began peeing and sweating like a… I don’t know – peeing and sweating machine.  REALLY UNFORTUNATELY, I was flying from Hawaii to Chicago on day 6.

That began my vacation.  I had only juice on day 6, then fresh, raw fruits and vegetables on day 7.  I wasn’t around a bathroom scale, but my clothes became much looser.  Then, though I was eating mostly salads and produce, my clothes got tighter.  I returned from an 8 day vacation another 3 pounds heavier.

Upshot – cleansing alone doesn’t do anything more than give you short-lived euphoria, unnatural physical problems, then boomerang weight gain.

I’m done!