Talk is Cheap in NW Indiana Too

I had this weird dream.  I was lounging in the bleachers at a basketball game with Ashton Kutcher and mentioned to him that I was starting a new diet and workout regime.  He said: “it’s too easy to just talk about.”  I awoke from that dream with an epiphany.

It seems the older I get, the more I think about “living in the now” – not only wondering what the heck it really means, but what exactly does it look like in practice – and there was Ashton Kutcher, summing it all up in seven words.  It is sooooo easy to talk about a rigorous workout routine and eating six servings of vegetables a day, but what am I doing in this exact moment that is making a positive difference in my life?

So, ignoring the fact that I’d rather chew off my left foot than sit through an entire basketball game and that Ashton Kutcher is neither my idea of a sage nor viable candidate for my “dreamy” list, I thought about the wisdom of that as-of-yet unanalyzed encounter… which was actually not quite as easy as thinking about my 6:15 am trip to the gym and 21-day cleanse.

Sitting at my computer now, typing and experiencing the thoughts that bump into each other in my brain, is all there is.  Everything else is a plan or a memory – both assumptions of my part in circumstance.

Revelation!  The way in which I behave in my every moment is my powerful vote for circumstances in that moment and the next moment and the moment after that.  This revelation extends well beyond my dress size…

Here in Northwest Indiana, the ways in which I spend my time [and my money], are my “now” votes.  I can talk about improving my community while surfing the net for the best post-holiday bargains from some company in Minnesota or New Jersey, or I can go to that new store I heard about in Hammond and become a part of the revitalization that’s happening there.  I can shake my head over the alarming illiteracy rate in our region or I could donate books to the Church in my town that has an after school tutoring program.  I can explore and celebrate our lakeshore AND visit theirs.  And I can complain about… well, whatever I want… local politics, pollution, traffic, suspected urban sprawl related flooding, but also learn about the circumstances behind those issues and find some little thing I can do right now to not only become a healthier, happier person, but to live in a healthier and happier place.

I frown at my big butt in the mirror, then go for a long, quiet walk on the lovely bike path that travels Lake County… and I think some more…