Welcome to time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do, and none of the money.

Well, that’s not necessarily the case, I’m not exactly in the poor house.  I’m reading this book called “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave.  Now that’s poverty – being excited about a slice of dried pineapple…  I’m not exactly there at the moment.

The time is what’s blowing my mind actually.  I should be able to accomplish everything I wanted to but couldn’t while I was working 10 hours and commuting 2 every day.  But somehow, I’m not able to accomplish nearly that much.  The days just zip by if you don’t have ways in which to mark them.

I have meetings here and there.  I talk, write, read, paint, shop and cook.  I watch Top Chef and Project Runway (thought I have to warn anyone thinking of becoming unemployed that looking forward to television shows is a pretty awful way to spend the day).

I’m working on a great big project (more about that in the Editorials section).  I’m working out regularly.  I have a work-out partner and several project partners and consultants with whom I collaborate…. That’s all good.

I’m working on the funding portion of all of this.  That’s going to come.  Until then, I’m pinching the ever-loving life out of every penny that comes my way (just the way I was raised… and not a habit I feel a need to break at the moment).

And I am still working on perfecting this state of being.

You see, I’m busy as hell.  I’m working a lot and accomplishing much, all while making sure dinner is on the table when my loving man is ready for dinner.

Un-employed, just means no one entity reserves the right to not less than 40 hours of me a week.  In fact, I am now the world’s bitch.

Hello, I’m unemployed at the moment.  What can I do for you?