Waiting for the Next Bar to Drop

Sometimes, everything goes so right, it seems like there must be something wrong.  Seriously, when life goes very well, I begin to wonder if I should be enjoying myself so much.  Perhaps I should be agonizing over something and preparing for the inevitable “bad times.”

Pragmatically, it is safe to assume that eventually, something sad, bad or really tragic will happen in my life.  It is nearly empirical fact that sad, bad and tragic are on their way… ‘cause this is life, after all.  People die, hearts get broken, money is spent and skin sags.

Optimistically and Zen-ally, nothing sad, bad or tragic ever happens.  We experience this life; that is all there is to it.  There really is no “good” or “bad,” there’s just “experiences.”  We are ethereal spirits having earthly experiences.

Well, I hate to stick it to the esoteric (and possibly correct) Eckart Tolle and Celestine Prophesy set, but I happen to like this experience better than most and I really want it to stick around.  This ethereal spirit gets a little reflux when she considers the really strong possibility that this here good feeling will pass and she tries very hard to squeeze the bar of soap without it popping out of her grip.

Oh, holy crap… that’s it, right?  The key is to just enjoy the lovely, figurative bar of soap – rub it all over your proverbial body, as it were – and trust that, if it does eventually melt away (from so much rubbing), you’ll find another… or maybe you’ll discover that shower gel is really more to your liking…

Wow, screw Wayne Dyer  (pardon me, sir – I really do like your books – am just making a point here), I’ve just discovered the key to relishing momentary happiness and experiential optimism:  you never know when you’re going to love the next bottle of shower gel to come along!